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About Products & Solutions
About PKID & Technology
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About Products & Solutions
Q. What is Safe-All for?
A. As is described in the menus of Products and Solutions,
Safe-All is a state-of-the-Art Security Solution not only for PC & Laptop but for Smartphone, USB Drive, Server & Network. It has lots of major functions for securing your precious DB against any illegal attacks by such as DB Encryption, Permanent Deletion, Perfect DB Hiding and Disk Management. For more detailed information, please visit the menus of Products and Solutions in this site.
Q. Can Safe-All be applied to the solution for the security of company's network?
A. Quite sure. If you visit the menu of Solutions in this site, you can get the right and proper answer for your inquiry.
About PKID & Technology
Q. What is PKID and what kind of technology is applied to the PKID?
A. Safe-All uses its patent pending proprietary technology to create a customized public key.
We call this key as Public Key Identity or PKID. A user may choose a PKID unique to himself or herself, such as names, favorite numbers or a combination of alphanumeric characters.
The chosen PKID coupled with Random Master Key settings will become the input to create a customized public key through a series of key generation processes.
Q. Why does Safe-All recommend the user to register his or her PKID with the e-mail

A. As the PKID is safely encrypted with ECC 256 bit technology, it is very recommendable to use your e-mail address that is the unique one in the world as your PKID.
Q. Then, why does Safe-All recommend the user to type P/W in Virtual Keyboard?
A. It is just because Safe-All's virtual keyboard is based on a high level of technology just to protect your P/W from being detected by various kinds of hacking programs.
Q. What is the main role of AES 256 bit technology in Safe-All?
A. While utilizing ECC 256 bit for encrypting PKID and the header of documents, Safe-All also adopts AES 256 bit to encrypt the main body of documents and passwords. With these two state-of-the-art encryption technologies, Safe-All guarantees the utmost security for your data.
About Purchase
Q. May I have an opportunity of using Safe-All for trial?
A. Why not visit the main page of this site and download Safe-All PC 2.0 Version for 1 week
Q. How can I purchase Safe-All products or solutions?
A. Please visit On-Line Mall menu in this site.
Q. What can I do if I forgot my ID or password?
A. Please visit Client Center, and ask for our help.
Q. What can I do if I lost my PKID or forgot the password?
A. Don't worry about that. The user is allowed to download the PKID again in the Client Center.
    Also, the user can get the opportunity of recovering his or her own password by answering
    the Access Code Challenge Questions.
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