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PKID, Patent & Certificates
ECC & AES Encryption
Jan. 2005 ~ Dec. 2006
Basic Development of Safe-All by Zeetoo (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Jan. 2007 ~ July 2011
Co-developing & Beta-testing Safe-All 1.0 Products & Solutions by TG S&S Co., Ltd. & Zeetoo (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Aug. 2011 ~
Release of Safe-All for Desktop Version 2.0 & Safe-All for USB Drive Version 2.0 in 6 major languages
Mar. 2012 ~
Presentation of Safe-All Enterprise Version on the Web in 6 major languages
Oct. 2013
Development of Secure QR Code Issuance System againt Forgery & Illegal Copy
Jan. 2014 ~
Under Development of Tele-Security Products
Dec. 2017 ~
Establishment of SY-Talk Global Co., Ltd. for our global business of Tele-Security Products
Our Mission
To become the benchmark for secure electronic data storage and communication for individuals, corporations and government agencies as well, TG S&S Co., Ltd. and SY-Talk Global Co., Ltd. as the exclusive suppliers, and Zeetoo (M) Sdn. Bhd. as its original developer have been doing their utmost best.
Our Vision
1. To be the pioneer of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) by exploring and
     embarking on the right products and services that are more adaptable to the new &
     global Information Communication Technology (ICT) era.
2. To create a better future through sustainable innovation in leading edge technologies by
     leveraging world-renowned technology capabilities.

PKID, Patent & Certificates
1. Safe-All uses its patent pending proprietary technology to create a customized public key
     called Public Key Identity or PKID. A user may choose a PKID unique to himself or herself,
     such as names, favorite numbers or a combination of alphanumeric characters.
     The chosen PKID coupled with Random Master Key settings will become the input to create
     a customized public key through a series of key generation processes. This PKID will
     become the user's unique public key, and may be used for encryption. A user will also
     be given an Access Code. This Access Code number is practically the user's private key
     and may be used for decryption.

2. In 2004, Zeetoo applied its patent right of a unique PKID generating method to 36 countries
     including USA, Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Canada and EU countries, expecting to get
     the patent right one by one.

3. In 2013, Wannstation(TG S&S's Partner and Mother Company of Zeeto) acquired NIST Certi
     on its security of ECC Algorithm, and CC Certi on ECC 320 bit PKID Generator.
     By acquiring these two certificates, we have been guaranteed of its global technology
     and credit.

4. In 2017, SY-Talk Global Co., Ltd. was established for initializing global business of
     tele-security products and strengthening the existing global marketing activities as well.

ECC & AES Encryption
Safe-All uses Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (ECC) 256 bit for encrypting PKID and the header of documents. It also adopts AES 256 bit to encrypt the main body of documents and private keys (or Passwords). ECC is one of the approved Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) to ensure the security and privacy of data as the underlying Public Key Infrastructure.
AES is also one of the approved Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) to ensure
the storage security of the main body of documents and private keys.
With the perfect combination of ECC 256 bit and AES 256 bit, Safe-All is called the most secure and safest application around the world.
Download : FIPS 186-3 / FIPS 197
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